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About Us

Our vision is to provide high quality support that enables you to achieve your desired outcomes. We provide a multi-dimensional service tailored to meet your needs.

Our approach is underpinned by our commitment to:

Collaboration: We work collaboratively with all our clients. You provide ideas and make decisions; we will design a process that is engaging, clear, inclusive and accessible. 

Equality and diversity: We work in an inclusive and anti-discriminatory way consistent with our personal and professional commitment to supporting equality of opportunity. We seek to promote good practice and to overcome barriers to the involvement of traditionally excluded groups. 

Participation: Our approach is to engage people in all aspects of the work so that they have ownership of the outcomes.  


Flexibility: We work in a flexible way, adapting to any issues, changes or challenges that arise in a spirit of partnership and with sensitivity. 

Ethical: We comply with the highest research ethics standards.

We work with integrity which means being clear about any conflicts of interest that may arise. 


Data security: We ensure that we secure explicit consent from everyone involved when gathering data. We are compliant with GDPR.


Our research complies with ethical principles



Social Justice

Tackling Inequalities





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Kind Words

“Merida Associates (…) have an extremely high understanding of the third sector we work in. Their knowledge and the tools they brought to the table have ensured an excellent evaluation was carried out and the report will add real weight to any future funding opportunities we apply for.”  

Mark Woodall, BID Services

"You have managed to capture the essence, detail and ambition of the project and we are impressed by how you pulled this together so quickly."

Jude Deakin, Gateway to Birmingham Advice Services

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